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          We can help you further promote and enhance your company image by adding your name and/or logo to your hangers. A lasting advertisement at minimal extra cost. Printing can be done in hot foil or ink print, and we will be happy to advise and assist you in choosing the right design and production method. Complete our enquiry form for further information.


          Ensure that the more delicate fabrics are fully protected by having your hangers flocked to your exact requirements. Let your customers perceive the care you take with the display and protection of your valued products and thereby enhance their value and your company image. Complete our enquiry form for further information.

          Tool Making

          We have our own in-house tool making facilities for constant updating and maintenance. If you have specific requirements that are not fully met by our standard range, we can bespoke manufacture to your exact needs. Complete our enquiry form for further information.

          Colour Range

          Our hanger range can be produced in a wide range of colours to match your own requirements. Hooks are available in Silver, Gold or Black to further enhance the finished product. Complete our enquiry form for further information.


          In addition to our standard and bespoke range of plastic hangers, we are able to offer you wire and wooden hangers from stock. Our accessories range also includes garment covers and other bags. Simply complete our enquiry form for any specific requirement not currently covered in our product list and we will speedily get back to you with the relevant information and availability.