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      Trade News

      • Three leading trends of Chinese sanitary ware industry

        With the rapid growth of the domestic real estate industry, the development of sanitary ware industry in the ascendant. Sanitary products have been breaking the mass traditional understanding, that no...

      • “Healthy Energy Technology ” become the main theme in 2014 Bathroom Industry

        Since the developing of bathroom industry , the competition for the market has entered a stage of comprehensive strength contest . With the continuous growth of leading brands , it’s getting more and...

      • FANSKI group 2014 annual "tamp foundation, accumulate steadily" spring Marketing Summit en

        Fanski group information center in January 8 report: "jinshekuangwu bid farewell to the old year, the galloping horse Exhibition", Fanski group 2014 annual "tamp foundation, accumulate steadily" sprin...

      • This is a test Exhibition News

        This is a test Exhibition News


      News Messare

      聯系我們 招商加盟 總代商門戶 菲時特合作伙伴:九正建材網中潔網淘衛資訊騰訊網